Searching for the heart of Oxford

We have been here in Oxford for almost two days and spent about 15 hours walking around the city centre barely scratching the surface. What makes the city tick? Why are there so many young people here when it is holiday time? Why is it crawling with Americans and Italians?

It turns out that it is really a city of the young for the young. It is a city built on the desire for education, tertiary education mainly. It is a city of undergraduates and graduates. For instance, Balliol College has almost 400 undergraduates housed in structures that go back centuries … and another structure about 10 minutes away with about the same number of graduates engaged in post-graduate studies.

There are colleges everywhere, not like Kolbe and other colleges in Perth, but substantial structures, solid buildings, meant to last and meant to protect their occupants from the weather and other would-be invaders. They are reminiscent of the architecture of much of the University of Western Australia and the other “early” universities around Australia, such as Sydney University.


About patbranson

I am a secondary school teacher employed to teach at Kolbe Catholic College, in Rockingham, Western Australia.
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