After walking for four days ….

Since arriving in Oxford on Thursday, July 9, we have walked for more than 100 hours over two weeks. In that time, we have seen some amazing sights. Oxford is a city of towers and spires and gives testimony to the power of the Christian Faith that has fed – and continues to feed – the intellects and lives of countless thousands of people over more than a thousand years. Indeed, through its commitment to education, Oxford reaches out to people from all corners of the earth and invites them to come and be a part of the learning experience that is uniquely Oxford. 

This scene is typical of the architecture of inner city Oxford. University College dominates this part of High Street, but it is only one of 38 colleges which make up Oxford University.

We came to Oxford to walk in the footsteps of Morse and Lewis, two television characters drawn from the pages of novels written by Colin Dexter. Little did we realise that we would be walking in the footsteps of the thousands of people who have made Oxford a world-renowned place of learning. 

We found Oxford to be a city of bikes and walkers. Bikes and their riders rule the roads.


About patbranson

I am a secondary school teacher employed to teach at Kolbe Catholic College, in Rockingham, Western Australia.
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